The curtain cleaning tips

Time:2013-11-8 9:47:47  5211

Ordinary fabric curtains

For some made of common cloth curtain, can be swabbed with wet cloth, or by conventional methods in clean water for cleaning or washing machine, neutral detergent. Easy to shrink the fabric should be dry, really not easy should contact the seller, to enlarge the size and the large ironing.

Made of canvas or linen curtains

This kind of curtain cleaning difficult after drying. Therefore, not to watercleaning, appropriate sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution,ammonia solution mixed liquid to wipe, to dry up after can.

Velvet curtains made of this kind of curtain is dirty, first soaking the curtains in the neutral cleaning liquid, pressure, wash hands after put on inclined frame,making the water automatic drip dry, will make the curtain clean.

Electrostatic flocking fabric made of curtains (shading fabric)

The curtain is not easy to dirty, without the need for frequent cleaning. But if youmust pay attention to cleaning, should not be soaked in the water wash or scrub,with cotton cloth dipped in alcohol or gasoline gently rub on the line, if the cloth wet, avoid to wring the neck, so as not to affect the appearance of the hair off.Proper cleaning methods should be to water or let it dry naturally with both hands, so that you can maintain the flocking fabric appearance.

The window lintels, antependium (especially lace)

Rinse lacy antependium is soaked, washing in warm water and then adding soda(half a bucket of water against the 10 grams soda), and then use warm washing powder water or soap water washing two times. Wash to gently rub, then rinse with water. Clothes should be put on a clean table, leave it to dry, or dry in theframe. Will be washed out when ready, pin positioning, finally ironed flat.