The choose and buy the curtain cloth art is small

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One, choice of fabric -- common fabrics are printed cloth, dyeing cloth, four types of yarn dyed fabric, printed cloth

1) printed cloth in plain cloth transfer or garden of color, pattern printed oncalled printed cloth in the colorful  pattern rich in printing and dyeing effect of with hand-painted like his natural texture.

2) dyeing cloth on a white cloth with single color color called dyeing cloth in thesimple but elegant, natural, smooth in line with fashion trends.

3) yarn dyed fabric according to the pattern in the yarn dyeing need firstclassification in the interwoven to form color patterns called dyed in thecharacteristics of strong color fastness in yarn dyed lines clear in the strong sense of three-dimensional.

4) the prints the jacquard and printed two processes together called the calico.

Two, choose the color -- the color temperature, depth of the sub. Color selectioncriteria are as follows

1) color and room decoration color: comparison of fabric can carry some scrap.

2) color and real wood products: fabric color can be enhanced, rich wood naturalcolor.

3) color and emotion: pastel tone, neutral tone and cold colors, such as blue andgreen can play a sedative effect, bright colors and warm colors, such as red and yellow has a stimulating effect, dark feel warm and comfortable.

4) color and feel: feel light coloured background tint, dark background color shallow, warm color can make an object look small. In smaller rooms are not available in two distinct colors.

5) color and the room facing: warm the north room feel warm, cool colors makethe room feel cool.

6) color and dirt degree: light more easily than dark is dirty.

7) color and transparency: a light coloured light transmittance strong through thewindow cloth in the room was dark, light transmittance is better.

8) color and personality: according to the above principles and personal preferences to choose colors and reflect individual style.

Three, choose the flower pattern -- the size of the selected pattern mainlyaccording to the size of the room.

1) room can choose the larger pattern: give people a strong visual impact, but will make the space feel narrowed.

2) small room should choose small flower type: a warm, quiet and make a space feel enlarged.