Home textile maintenance of choose and buy of the curtain

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For decoration new homes of consumers, in the face of the market a wide variety, a superb collection of beautiful things of all kinds of curtain, choose what kind of curtains as well?

First of all, should consider the overall effect of the bedroom. In general, thin fabric such as the production of thin cotton, nylon silk, Bo Luosha, mesh cloth,curtain, can not only through a certain degree of natural light, but also can make the person has a secret feeling and safe feeling during the day indoors.Moreover, because this kind of fabric with soft texture, light and other characteristics, so the suspension on the window is better.

At the same time, but also pay attention to cooperate to use with thick curtains,because the thick curtains to form a unique indoor environment and reduce the external interference has a significant effect. In the purchase of thick curtains,should choose such as corduroy, wool, velvet and wool and linen fabric likematerial curtains ideal.

Secondly, consideration should be given to the pattern curtains. Fabric colorsshould be coordinated with the room, according to the local environment and seasonal balance is certain. The summer should choose cold color fabric, winterappropriate chooses warm color of fabric, age two season should choose neutralcolors of the fabric. From the bedroom whole coordination point of view, should be considered with the wall, furniture, floors, whether the color coordination. If furniture is deep color, should choose a light colored curtains, so as to avoid too deep color makes people have a sense of oppression.

Once again, should consider the style and size of the curtain. In style, the general small room curtains should be more concise style as well, so as not to make space for the curtain multifarious and appear more narrow. For largeroom, it is better to use more generous, magnificent, elegant style. Curtain width size, generally on both sides of the window wide is about 10 cm, the bottomshould be regarded as the curtain model and decide, short curtains should also be longer than the sill bottom line is about 20 cm; the curtain falling to the ground, the general should be apart from the ground 2 ~ 3 cm.

Vacuum at least once a week, with particular attention to the removal of dust fabric structure.

2, such as cushion can turn over conversion, should turn once a week, to wear uniform distribution.

3, if stained with dirt, wipe clean dishcloth Zhanshui available for free, leave print,had better wipe from besmirch periphery case. Velvet furniture cannot touch water, should use dry clean agent.

4, all the cloth sleeve and Bush should be cleaned with dry clean, do not wash,no bleach.

5, if discover thrum loosens, not a hand out, using scissors and cut the flat

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