Introduction to the curtain cloth art industry development

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In recent years, with the improvement of people's living level. Curtain this originally is unremarkable in home textile market in the industry began to step up, has become an important part of home furnishing decoration. The curtainindustry developed rapidly, in addition to color is more rich, the design of the curtain from a single level, evolved lifted the curtain, curtain lintel, lift, a windowof fixed and the opening ceremony on many kinds of styles. Curtain effect also began to shading and simple development to decoration. However, the development of the industry there are still many problems can not be ignored,such as the lack of identification of goods more serious.

In recent years, along with the national real estate hot, hot house, sales boom incurtain industry will continue to. Author of a friend is by curtains made, he oncesaid: "the curtain this very special things, is to build things, what brand ah! It isvery difficult to achieve mass production. In addition to the fabric can beproduced, the final product required by customers for different purposes,different styles to custom, mostly without the trademark, a trademark is also a lot of shopkeepers put up."

Different problems, should seek different solutions. The author consulted a lot ofexperts, their opinions, mainly in the following points:

One, the curtain industry needs some brands and leading enterprises. At present, the well-known curtain company number is not much, have potential inthe open market is scanty. In fact, only one of the two enterprises want to establish a brand, it is also not much hope. When Taiwan was once a famous national brand in the mainland market curtain aspiring to Happy Valley enclosure, but the later is part. Because China is a big market, and the curtainitself characteristic, to the store to cover national medium and small city in the short term, this requires huge human, material and financial resources, and other investment, and in the short term may not return.

Two, on the scale of the enterprise can be appropriately expanded, such asfranchise, the regional agency. Establish brand consciousness, director of ChinaHome Textile Association Yang long said, currently curtains market can be summarized in two words: one is "uneven, some good and some bad", one is"the brand is king", who possesses excellent brand, who will have the future.

Three, the relevant departments must strengthen investigation and crackdown.The curtain industry standardized road as soon as possible.

Four, improved marketing methods. Based on the traditional trade, we shouldseek a better marketing strategy, relying on science and technology, the curtainindustry bright spot to play to great advantage. For example, there have been on the market in home furnishing the magician shows software is a decoration materials will be directly converted into the actual graph showing the effect ofprofessional software, avoids the complex process that requires a designer or ahome furnishing store design renderings, effectively reducing the design effect diagram; this can be widely used to store display design, construction biddingdesign, personalized service demand.

Look forward to in curtain industry departments and joint efforts of brand enterprise, get rid of "chaos", as soon as possible out of the no label "haze".