The design of the curtain

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In home furnishing design, purchase curtains and arrangement, there are manyvisual art principles, follow these basic principles, we should be able to give room to create a good visual effect, the layout of an ideal home furnishingenvironment. 1 comparison. Contrast is the basic stereotypes art design skills, to two different things, form, such as color contrast is called contrast. Such as a,old and new, depth, thickness and so on. The marked difference between the two elements in the same space, through the design, making it both antagonistic and harmonious, contradiction and unity, in stark contrast to the strong contrasts, seeking complementary and meet results. This is the basic principle of the curtain design.

2 harmonious. Harmony contains harmonious. It is in meeting the functional requirements of the premise, the various indoor shaped objects, color, light, the quality of portfolio reconciliation, a very harmonious and unified whole. Harmony can also be divided into a harmonious environment and modeling, materialsharmony of texture, color harmony, harmonious styles and so on. Enable people in the visual harmony, psychological quiet, calm and satisfaction. Curtain decoration most need to comply with this principle.

3 symmetrical. Symmetry is the formal beauty of the traditional techniques, is the earliest available xingshimei human laws. Symmetry is divided into absolute andrelative symmetry. Next, zygomorphic, the same shape, same color,homogeneous for absolute symmetry. Used in interior design is relatively symmetrical. Symmetry gives feelings order, solemn, orderly, harmonious beauty.

4 equilibrium. Life in the leg, actor walking, from the power balance of the visual arts to give stability, make people obtain the visual psychological equilibrium,equilibrium is in accordance with the axis, point ranging from the physicalequivalent form, component, color matching. Balanced and symmetrical forms of comparison, there are lively, vivid, harmonious flavor, beautiful. The curtain is living to contact with the outside world channel, directly affects the living inside the sound, light, heat, dust and so on the condition, therefore, the curtainfunction of the first sound absorption, insulation and cold, light regulation, dust-proof, anti peep etc.. At the same time, a pattern is novel and unique, colorbeautiful curtains, and can make the bedroom art multiplication, very be good to hear or see, beautiful.

Design style

1 bright warmth: the combination of flowers and national colors or geometric patterns with the sexual freedom of artistic sense, and not to lose the inside colours. Color to the warm yellow, orange, warm and lively color, a warm atmosphere to Yang.

2 lively mix: by changing color combinations and color level strong sense, and create a lively clear and not multifarious dazzling visual effects.

3: with the gorgeous and elegant decoration painting way to manage curtain.Make full use of the ornaments, make the space has such as theatricalbrightening.

4: the harmonious balance coordination balance and color lines to the new in order to be different, the combination is not used, or bold color.

5 simple but elegant chic and elegant: patterns of light color, such as color,coffee color, light blue.

6 novel combination: complete personalized with originality, meet and match.

Design features of different living room curtains

Bedroom: visible window shapes to choose curtains. If the French window, thefabric and screens, can let a bedroom more warm feeling, such as shading is not good enough, you can add a layer of shading cloth; if it is semi window, canchoice tracery products simple, let your room full of modern flavor.

Living room: large living room should use landing fabric curtains, sand mixing,without shade cloth, styles can be added. Small living room can not transparentcurtain, cloth shutter and night screens etc..

Children's room: suitable for color, pattern and fabric curtains or blinds can also be printed cloth, curtain.

Balcony: the best choice for enclosed balcony is the sun shading curtain, and breathable, UV filter, space is not occupied when rolled up. The balcony andbedroom interlinked, install a curtain fabric, suitable for use in sleep at night.

Restaurant: the restaurant does not belong to privacy of space, withoutexposure, generally have a layer of gauze. The window screen, printing roller,Yang Guanglian are a good choice.

Study: the study can choose natural, unique book fragrance wooden blinds,sound insulation curtain or plain coloured curtain.

The bathroom and kitchen: should choose waterproof, oil proof, easy to cleancurtains, generally used in aluminum louvers or printing roller.